Monday, November 22, 2004

Christmas List

I have been pestered (probably rightly so) by certain loved ones ( you know who you are) to give them a list of what I would want for Christmas and my birthday. So I decided to modernize the process by posting it on my blog. I'll be giving lists with some examples. Please don't feel you need to buy the exact thing that is listed (unless I specify it) this is just a set of examples of what I want. I'll be updating it as I figure stuff out so keep watching for changes. I' ll make sure to put dates on the ones I post later.

1) Socks & Underwear (Something I'm always in need of)

2) An Electric Shaver (Preferably the tri-blade style, cordless is not nessecary)

3) An Electric Beard Trimmer (Kinda like the one listed, definitly want the adjustable gaurd)

4) A golf swing trainer ( There are serveral on the market that are a lot cheaper than this that will be just fine)

5) A full swing golf net (Not to be confused with a chipping net, also check around for deals at sporting goods places)

6) A poker table top

7) A set of heavy, thick clay poker chips ( as oppossed to cheap plastic ones. The link is a bit overpriced compared what you can get elsewhere so shop around)

More to come

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Firefox 1.0

I know my postings are sporadic at best, but I promise to try to keep a more regular schedule. Anyway, Firefox 1.0 is out now. Download at your own merriment. Be forewarned if you have any extensions installed they might not work. I have no clue why, but hey who knows. Regardless, if your addicted to your extension like me this might be a bit of an annoyance. Oh well, I'm sure I'll just wait until they update the extensions on the website. Happy downloading.


Update: The website that host most of the Firefox extensions seem to be down, so we are going to have to wait.