Thursday, September 23, 2004

Gmail Review

Ok, I have been using this service for the past several weeks. I can say I can't imagine using any other web based service. Heck I can see this replacing my regular fat client email program. It struck me as a very mature, well thought out setup. It makes send web based email a pleasure not a pain. When you type in address it demonstrates its type ahead feature where it give you options of who it might be based on your contact list. A feature that is usually recovered for fat clients. Heck lets talk about the contact list. The act of sending (or reply to) someone an email puts them on your contact list. I thought that would annoy me but I have found it very useful. It has actually spoiled me. Its going to be rough to go back to fat client for normal non work email. There is a few philosophical differences on how it works compared to any other email setup. The philosophy that Google has is that with 1 gig of space you should never have to delete email. Well I'm a person who loves that. I'm a notorious pack rat especially with email, but I do end up giving up and deleting email just to keep it from getting too cumbersome. I know I can use folders but I am too lazy to be that organized and its a pain to back up those folders anyway. Well there is this wonderful button on Gmail that takes away that headache. Its the archive button. It be kinda redundant to talk about what an archive is. That archive is searchable though. That is something of note. It does make for simply clean and usable mail account. I could go on for quite a bit, but I got to cut this short. (yeah I thought it was funny too) All I can say is that if can try it out you won't regret it. I got invites coming out of my ears now so I can give them to those who want one. Happy mailing.

Next episode: Firefox PR1


Anonymous said...

I have found Gmail to be the worst pain-in-the-butt email service I've ever used. If you feel you need to compliment it so much, send a letter to Gmail, don't make us read about it...geez, have a little sympathy.

Also, I found your manner of writing to be nothing less than an enigma wrapped in a riddle, your use of incomplete phrases and nonsensical words left me confounded beyond degree. You're probably sitting back in your chair laughing hideously at your dastardly deed of confusing a poor soul, and frankly...shame on you and your posterity.

Good-night and farewell,

Jeremiah Culpepper

Matt said...

Thanks Eric

Eric said...

For what?