Friday, January 21, 2005

Late Christmas Redux

I know I promised to post more often, and I am. Within a month is an improvement. I hope to do better about that. Anyway on to the reason of the post.

Thanks to my brother and disordered I am now a proud owner of 128mb Geforce FX 5200. Yes I know its not the latest out there but hey its pretty powerful for a 3 year old 1.2 GHz Athlon computer. Who am I kidding I would pair it off with a brand new computer especially considering the price and the fact its not that far off curve. You ask how I know the price, well I kinda sent him the email ad for it. He is the only family member I can ask for stuff like that for Christmas / Birthday. (they are only 3 days apart) Anyway it seems to be doing pretty well on everything I have thrown at it, well except the Doom 3 demo. I suspect that has more to do with processor than anything. Most of what I got is at least a year old so I can't guess how well it will stack up against more recent games like Unreal Tournament 2004. (Which I do plan on buying soon) I am again in need to redo my system config. I hope to get this thing settled eventually. At this point I think I'm going to hold off till next year to build a new system. I think it wise to hold off until a couple things(x64, SATA, PCI Express, etc) I want use become a hair bit cheaper. It will also give more time for the x64 flavors of Linux distros to mature. I figure on retiring the old box to act as a server for various tasks. Not that I'm not looking foward to it.

Happy computing every one

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