Friday, April 08, 2005

Well apparently not

Ok so I am ranting to no one oh well. I have for the last several years had a infatuation with the minidisc. I can't tell you why but I have. Maybe its it size or the fact that it was basically a mini-cd with higher capacity and a hard plastic case. I guess it just always appealed to me. I never broke down and got one (thankfully) because of one issue. DRM, Sony insistence on having stupid restrictions on the music you put or take off. Who are they to judge how I got my music. If I want to trade music with someone I'll use another technology if not yours. Your not inconvencing me just screwing yourself over. Well the news came as of late that they have embraced mp3 and saw the error of their ways. They even allowed native playback on the new HI-MD minidiscs players. They officially haven't released the players but from what I am understanding you still have to use their SoundStage software (windows only) to put them on the minidisc. You can use the minidisc a usb mass storage device but for some reason can't just play mp3 on the disc with some kind of DRM wrapper. I can only hope this is not true. If they don't have this issue and I can use my Linux system to transfer music to it I am so getting one. Sure I could get 5gb hard drive player for around the same price. Something I might do if Sony disappoints me again. I so want to have small minidisc. Sure I can get a CD based mp3 player for a quarter or even a fifth of the cost of the HI-MD player but it wouldn't be in the nice sleek package that it is in. On a side note I am also considering a Rio Carbon. So tell me what you think. Am I crazy for wanting one?

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