Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Sad Goodbye

I can go on record and say I hate Sony. It seems they can make the coolest product and yet screw it up so badly. Example the Minidisc. I guess in their effort to support mp3 on their new Hi-Md players they have degraded the quality so they can showcase their own format. I am now washing my hands of the Minidisc. It breaks my heart but once I can afford it I am getting a Ipod. Heck I might get a Ipod Mini. I know its not that much more to get a 20 GB instead of a 6 GB one, but I have to admit I like the mini size. If I need more than 6 GB of mp3s then I need to get a life. Also there are some Linux music programs that support The way flash memory is going in capacity and price I won't be surprised if they take back the market from the harddrive players. I figure get a Ipod once it dies they should be selling 1 or 2 GB SD cards for fairly reasonable. Especially with the Consoles supporting them in the next generation thats not an extreme stretch of the imagination. As long as I get a player that can support the higher capacity cards I'm ok. I am still kinda bummed that such a cool concept of the Minidisc got so mishandled. Unless Sony seriously gets its act together I doubt I will ever own a MD player. I will always feel sadness everytime I will see blank Minidisc at Best Buy. Thanks to Sony stop selling the one computing product that seem to done almost everything right their Palm based handheld I don't have too much reason to buy anything else from Sony (maybe except a PS3). Its just overpriced but good quality stuff. I am officially bummed.


Update: Just saw some speculation about 2 or 4 GB Ipod Shuffles. If they can sport a small screen I am all over it. Considering I can't afford a Mini anytime soon then that might be the ticket especially if its cheaper than the Mini.

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