Friday, June 17, 2005


Well Sun has thrown Solaris in the free operating system mix. For this I am willing to forgive almost all the stupid things Scott McNealy has said in the past. Although I reserve the right to make fun of him for a select few utterances in the past and all stupid quotes in the future. My congratulation to his handlers he has managed to stay out of the news recently. I hope it didn't have to involve duct tape. Anyway I have to admit Sun is slowly starting to redeem itself from its old ways. There was a time I could say that I had no interest in messing with Solaris. It only ran on one absurdly expensive platform. As much I admired their commitment to Unix, their way and no other philosophy has really rubbed me the wrong way in the past. They were trying to be IBM with a different color scheme. As big and bad as they are, they are still not IBM probably won't ever be. Regardless Sun in the last couple years has slowing seen the light that IBM saw a couple years before. It of course dabbled in open source some time before (OpenOffice) that but that was to combat MS Office the only way you could, open and free. That was an end to a means. With the job market being as it is . I'll probably eventually play with OpenSolaris, need as many OS under my belt to be competitive. If your interested then check them out here.


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