Friday, June 23, 2006

Beta Software

I admit I am becoming very conservative when it comes to my computers, both work and home. At home I find my time becoming very scarce and the concept of redo my system is desirable but I have no clue when I can do it. Even if I had the money, I would not be able to build a new computer if I wanted to. I wouldn't be surprised that I won't be able to install OpenSuse 10.1 before 10.2 comes out. Well considering it is probably not scheduled until at least the end of the year that might be exaggerating things but I still might wait and skip 10.1 because the proximity of 10.2. I might be using it in a server here at work though. Regardless, I tend to avoid using beta software for what I use as core software. What I consider Core software is software I use almost everyday (or at least fairly often) to get the tasks I need or want to do done. Sure I have a copy of the beta of Scribus for windows on my work computer but I don't use it in production. To truly use it in production I would need the word stable. There was a time I used the beta version of Mozilla (now called SeaMonkey), but now the thought of using the Firefox 2.0 Beta makes me cringe. I find myself whenever I see the words beta or Release Candidate, I tend to wait until it's officially out. Not to say I don't go for the lastest officially "stable release but I tend to wait until I really have time or when it is reviewed as a masterpiece. I'm even worse when it comes to my home computer. With the exception of software I must acquire outside of my Linux's package manager (YAST in this case) then I don't mess with it. There was a time I was trying to get the latest KDE or openoffice. Going as far to try to compile the software myself. Now I want to come home and check my email, maybe read some news. I would find my quake 3 cd and install it but its too much trouble and I either don't have time or the energy to do it. I even have talked myself out of buying UT 2004 because I wouldn't have time. Heck the last game I installed was Puzzle Pirates. Yes really. I haven't decided if it is worth what their asking in monthly fees. So have I lost my cred as a bleeding edge computer nerd? Maybe, I love the edge but I don't have the time, equipment or energy to use that bleeding edge that I love. I guess I am coming to the point that I just want a stable computer to use. Crap I sound like my older brother (no offense Paul). Oh well maybe I do something make myself feel edgy. Who knows.


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