Thursday, June 15, 2006

How much time do they need?

The above linked article was 3D Realm's response to Take2's SEC filing say that 3D Realms would get an extra $500k if they release DukeNukem4Ever by the end of this year. Their reply is that they feel that DN4E should not be released before it is ready. If the game in question started development a year or two ago then I could stand behind that statement. If it was pushing 3 years then I would say that they better deliver a unbelievable game but I could stand behind that statement. Ok I would even give them 3 or 4 years if they were building their own game engine. DN4E has been in development since 1997. 9 years is a bit excessive by anybodies standard. Lets look at ID software, in that time they released quake 3 and doom3. Making a new game engine each time. Thats not counting Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake 4 that they outsourced. Lets take a look at Ravensoft. They have made in that time several very good games that I actually own. Jedi Knight II, Jedi Knight Academy, and Elite Force. They are one of ID's favorite dev houses. I think they did Return to Castle Wolfenstein and I know they did Quake 4 for them. Even Valve has put out both Half Life and Half Life 2 since then. That is not counting the various expansion packs. Heck if they happen to release by the end of the year, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will have released 2 consoles each in that time period. So let me ask the burning question. What have you guys been doing for 9 years? I think 9 years is enough time to get it done and perfected. If I was Take2, I would ask them for what they have and if it isn't a sign of gleaming perfection, then I would ask for my money back. Sure guys, Duke3d was great, but that was what 95? At this point put up or shutup, but thats my $.02.


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